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03 Hugel Esca wine dinner at Kaohsiung.jpg

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06 Kaohsiung street food.jpg

07 Kaohsiung street food.jpg

08 Jean Lenoir at Kaohsiung University.jpg

09 Chienhao CHEN at Kaohsiung University.jpg

10 State of the art aroma room at Kaohsiung University.jpg

11 Paul Peng Wang updating traditionnal chinese presentation.jpg

12 Paul Peng Wang the official translator.jpg

13 Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism.jpg

14 Chienhao CHEN intro to students.jpg

15 Kaohsiung University Hugel lecture.jpg

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17 autograph signing like a rockstar.jpg

18 happy hospitality students.jpg

19 Tainan Hugel wine dinner at La Moda.jpg

20 Tainan Hugel wine dinner announcement.jpg

21 Tainan Hugel wine dinner guests.jpg

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23 Tainan Hugel wine dinner happy staff.jpg

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25 Shangri La Hotel Tainan.jpg

26 Happy and busy Sasa.jpg

27 Le Mout Hugel wine dinner Taichung.jpg

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29 Le Mout Hugel wine dinner service.jpg

30 Truffle night at Le Mout Taichung.jpg

31 Le Mout Taichung owner.jpg

32 Taiwan traditionnal chinese detailed language and culture.jpg

33 Trade lunch with Roger Chen and his team owner of Drinks 30 shops in Taiwan

34 Wine Kanpai.jpg

35 Hugel promo at Wine Kanpai.jpg

36 Wine Kanpai Yakiniku and wine dining.jpg

37 Hugel tasting announcement at Wine Kanpai.jpg

38 Sasa presenting Hugel Traditonnal Chinese brochure.jpg

39 Hugel tasting presentation at Wine Kanpai.jpg

40 Hugel gifts for guests at Wine Kanpai.jpg

40 Paul translating presentation at Wine Kanpai.jpg

41 Staff and guests at Wine Kanpai.jpg

42 Din Tai Fung dumplings preparations.jpg

43 Din Tai Fung dumplings steeming.jpg

44 Din Tai Fung sign.jpg

45 Din Tai Fung lunch with Jessie.jpg

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47 Etienne passionate Press interview.jpg

48 photo shoot prior to Grand Hyatt dinner.jpg

49 food pairing photo shoot for press.jpg

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51 press interview prior to Grand Hyatt dinner.jpg

52 Hugel dinner setting at Grand Hyatt.jpg

53 with Grand Hyatt GM David Parcey.jpg

54 with Grand Hyatt management.jpg

55 Etienne presentation during Grand Hyatt dinner.jpg

56 Jessie with longtime friend Jurgen Klemm.jpg

57 Picture taking with charmed and charming guest.jpg

58 Group picture with Grand Hyatt dinner guest.jpg

59 Leading Brands party at newly opened W Hotel.jpg

60 Pol Roger cold and free for the night at W.jpg

61 Hugel wines also served at W Hotel.jpg

62 Etienne can give his shirt to longtime trade friend Christian Kranich.jpg